|666| "Did the deceased Embrace Life enough to be able to live again in Death?" -Thoth |211|

 f0StaR Ch!1d

Pitch Black Fire Entertainment

f0StaR Ch!1d Invented the music genre [Satanism & 808's]!

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Padlocks on the bedroom door of the orphanage,

Trapping the tortured souls of dead foster kids,

Tied up in a room on his bed with no friends,

Starving to death without beginning or end,

Drifting into Astral projection undetected,

From his imprisoned Human Body his Soul is ejected,

Escaping from the ropes holding his hands and feet connected,

I showed up to the Gates of Hell where I've been expected,

Swimming through the lake of Fire by the Devil I Am directed,

The Lake of Pitch Black Fire let every Xian stand corrected,

Lucifer Satan is my Father respected,

A poor boy to a Prince young f0StaR Ch!1d is Resurrected,

Every last endeavor which he dreams is manifested,

A legion of Gargoyles come back to life,

From the Black diamond statues they transformed into last night,

Angels are hunted down and taken out of the fight,

The reflection of the Black Sun glaring in the moonlight,

Surrounded by the Spirits of Hoodoo,

The Bamboo of the Loa with the permission of Papa Legba,

Shoot the Cannon like Mega man on the Sega,

This ain't Jamaica but I Barbecue the California Chronic,

Central California I have been standing on it,

Since I took my first steps upon the Carpet,

Bitch, don't become a black MagicK target.

I sold the sole of my foot to a pair of sneakers that fit,

Now f0StaR Ch!1d is for sale on the Black MagicK Market,

Arctic ice on my neck with Loa beads,

The kids Music Rocks like a Hammock on the trees,

Spiritual Satanism & 808's,

HAIL SATAN 4EVER without taking a Brake,

On the highway to Hell without license plates,

The rhythm of my drum opens up Hells Gates,

The only Pathetic Orphan is the born again Christian,

Another fucking hypocrite with a pain pill addiction,

I Am the Biological Son of Satan Lucifer,

My middle name is Antichristopher,

I put the Venom of a live Rattlesnake in a veil,

And curse my enemies native Indian style,

If you hate me then you're a Jew because I Am a Gentile,

Jehovah is Vile, I Curse that Foul Nazarene,

To the dust of the African desert, like the Queen of Hell I Am a Witchery Expert,

Little to no effort, no sweat but I work harder with my brain than a peasant does with his back,

The young crowned Royal Prince of Hell is back,

Reincarnated with a combo attack,

The Chakra life force of my Soul is intact,

Dressed in all Black rune stones in my pocket,

Purple smoke in my Presence drinking from my Goblet,

Conversing with demons I Am the Devils Prophet,

My anointed bare feet walk through the 

Halls of Hell,

The palace of Satan Lucifer is where I dwell,

I took the red pill in the right hand of Morpheus,

Deep into the rabbit hole I travel through the Abyss,

We are all mad here, I'm Mad you're mad,

How do you know I'm Mad, because if you weren't you wouldn't be listening to this,

Time is of the essence,

Your listening to a boy with a legion of Demons in his Presence,

A young crowned Prince of Hell in his Adolescence,

My Aura illuminates a majestical florescence,

My Haters work hard it is them who are my peasants,

A reincarnated Pharaoh thermoluminescence,

On a waning crescent moon I Curse with Tremendous Great Power,

A boy is the most Powerful Witch alive in this hour,

My chariot of Fire in the ocean of time,

Travels through portals from the words that I rhyme,

Riding on a black horse with the face of a man, 

The eyes of an owl with the wings of a falcon,

The dark indigenous drums march the armies of Hell,

Into war against the enemies I Curse with a black spell,

The Biological Son of Satan has no intention to fail,

My sword cuts through the most Powerful metal,

Hot as the rum peppers of Baron Samedi,

Urban artwork like local graffiti,

On the edge of a bridge, the fall alone will free me,

Navy seal team six type of Sneaky,

Rock the crowd like an old ghost pirate ship creaky,

To a Xian my witchcraft is super weird and Creepy,

Alice in wonderland-eat me,

This one makes you taller, this one makes you smaller,

Slewepy yawn at the Haters who run their mouth,

But they ain't about shit, I'lI dirty sock em in the mouth,

The f0StaR Ch!1d is in the building bomb threat,

I blow up like the bathroom when someone sits on the toilet,

His music is tight like a Boy Scout Knot,

That boy is the hottest thing a Gothic Girl has ever caught,

f0StaR Ch!1d is a Gothic Boy,

Big guns like green army men except I'm not a toy,

Man I shoot guns like Robocop,

Man I'm on top like Godzilla on a skyscraper,

More like King Kong the huge gorilla undertaker,

Every fucking step I take is 10 acres,

Plus 1 to make 11, 3 times one less than 7,

Basic algebra Stupid, Hell is equal unto heaven,

The street lights come on around the dark alley ways,

The young boy of Hells Army is spawned with Tekken Rage,

I turn the page in the Satanic Bible as a Vodoun Disciple,

My Lyrics are a Demonic chant ritual recital,

Spiritual Luciferianism Prophecy recycle,

Best Satanical rapper alive with the champion title,

Pitch Black Refection in the mirror back at yuh,

Paradisiacal Garden GARGOYLE statue,

The speed of the Black Sun Light coming at you,

Black static through the output of an Extra Dimensional frequency,

Electric Blue Demonic energy voltage currency through my body's Bio electricity,

Eternal youth adolescence Infinity,

My human aging process has been permanently deleted,

System Recovery Human mortality has been defeated,

Vocabulary overheated cooling system had been engaged,

In an alien spaceship from outer space computer chip,

At the speed of light through the Heavens of Hell with surround sound equipped, 

I hit eject launching my human body vessel back flip,

Through a dark Crypt in an Earth like planet of the Abyss,

Walking barefooted through Luciferian catacombs,

Antarctic Astral travel deep into the unknown,

The feet of the Devils Child are stronger than the Baron stone,

The frozen zone of Hell is on Fire a perfect balance,

f0StaR Ch!1d is the young boy walking through the Devils palace,

An orphan with experience of dangerous Black MagicK Practice,

The Child of Hell is a crowned Prince you can't do nothing to me,

Satan Lucifer is my Biological Father thus Truly,

The direct nephew of Beelzebub, I hear the flies in Hell,

I hear him coming, he is coming and when he comes he will prevail,


Ase, O Ase


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