|666| "Did the deceased Embrace Life enough to be able to live again in Death?" -Thoth |211|

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Luciferian Satanism

Luciferian Satanism is the systematical belief in Satan Lucifer as the Divine creator of humanity, and the Universal evolution of all Ancient Pagan religions across the entire World integrated into one modernized form of Witchcraft. There are many different Sect's of Satanism, some Athiestic, and some Thiestic. Satanism and Luciferianism are one in the same because Satan and Lucifer are one being. Many Pagan Gods of Ancient old are identified as Satan Lucifer himself. Both of the Pagan Gods "Odin" & "Enki" are completely identified with Satan Lucifer, in Luciferian Satanism. The word "Devil" was stolen from the words "Deva & Devi" in Ancient Sanskrit, meaning Heavenly & Divine. The word "Evil" is an English word meaning Extremely Wicked. The hebrews combined it with the Sanskrit words Devi/Deva to corrupt what was Holy and Divine. The one known as the Devil is Divine, Heavenly, and Beautiful. Angels are considered to be Evil beings of the hebrew god. The word Demon originates from the word [Daemon]: a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between Gods and humans. There is no such thing as "worshipping the Devil" because Satan Hates to be worshiped the way that the god of the hebrews is worshiped. Lucifer is a Father to us, and like any loving Father, he would utterly hate his Sons & Daughters to Worship him! He also rejects everyone who attempts to worship him. In Luciferian Satanism, the Worship of the Self is admired. It is only through Worshipping ourselves that we will become whomever it is which we desire to be.


The idea of Hell in the bible was stolen from the Realm of Hades. A Real place which Baron Samedi (the Voudon Loa God of the dead) rules over. Hell is the portal of passage from this world into the higher dimentions. Hell is known as Duat to the Ancient Egyptians. It is the Hallway to Paradise, or the hallway to Asgard in Norse mythology. Every Ancient Pagan Religion is True and Divine, only different names and parables were used by different civilizations throughout Ancient old. All Wisdom, Power, and Divination from the Higher Dimensions passes through the Hall, into this World. The Hall, which many refer to as Hell in this day and age. Baron Samedi is Hades in Greek Mythology, and in Voudon he is the first human being to ever die. 


The number 666 is written in the bible as the number of a man. The truth is that 666 is the number of mankind. The element of Carbon is the building block for all Life on Earth, and 666 is the simplified number of mankind's engineering through the Carbon Atom. Everything in the Universe is made up of numbers! For the structure of Atoms make up all things, including our bodies, and the scientific number of those Atoms are the Mathematics of Science. The enemy on the other hand desires the annihilation of the human species, and has worked through the hebrew people to bring about this agenda, or what it's Vile and Worthless Excremental existence refers to as [the Day of Judgement]. This is why 666 is noted in the Judeo Xian bible as Evil. In conclusion of this concept, every human being on planet Earth is made up of the carbon atomic number 666.


Jewish religion is the greatest enemy to Satanism because it is the source of all Hatred against Pagan Witchcraft, which has empowered the development of the human mind for thousands of years, before the modern worldwide jewish religions of today were ever even thought of. Jews are Not a race, but a Group of people who follow judaism. To be jewish is to believe in the vile faith of judaism. To be Xian is to believe in the vile faith of christianity. To be muslim is to believe in the vile faith of islam. Jews, Xians, and muslims are the Holistic practioners of the Hebrew Triangle of Religion. In Luciferian Satanism, nazism is completely identified with it's jewish counterpart because it was the nazis who invented the Xian denomination known as [Positive Christianity]. And all Xianity is a corner in the Hebrew Triangle of Religion. This is all very important for the Satanist to know, because it is through Hebrew religion that the Enemy (Adversary) of Satan Lucifer wishes to put a total end to the entire human race. Hebrew religion, which was stolen from Pagan religion, and altered in order to establish an agreement with the Gentile Human Race that the annihilation of humanity must one day come. Sadly, more than half of the human population today has agreed with this fate for their fellow human beings.

Devoting Your Soul To Satan

As Luciferians, it is important to Devote our Souls to Satan Lucifer, sign our name in blood, and then burn the paper in a Satanic ritual. By doing so, we swear to the Creator of Humanity (Satan Lucifer), and to the Gods of Hell, that we are Eternally consecrated into becoming immortal Gods ourselves, through the Divine Power of Hell, and under the Guidance of Demons. Through our blood signature, which vaporizes into smoke, and rises up into the Heavens of Hell, we immediately become biological Sons/Daughters of Satan; Witches......


A Witch is a man or woman who has chosen the path which leads to becoming Super Human (a Demigod), followed by immortality (an Entire God). On this path, we learn Divination, and eventually learn how to communicate and interact with Demons. By Devoting our Soul to Satan Lucifer as our Father, we take the first step on this path. Once we are Devoted to Satan Lucifer through our Mind, Body, and Soul, Demons begin to live among us, and start teaching us things on a daily basis. They also protect us, spiritually, and physically......


Individuals who worship the devil through the blood sacrifice of animals, or human sacrifice, or any kind of practice related to these Evil things, are an abomination in the Eyes of Satan, and in the eyes of the Gods. Satan created us in his very own image, and he has a personality the same as ours. He can become angry with us, the same way we would become angry with someone for sacrificing an animal at our feet, and in our name. You would hate them right? Animals are precious. For Example, the Ancient Egyptians would severely punish anyone who merely hurt a Cat. Cats are very Sacred and Mystical animals. It takes years to earn Satan's trust, and to build a strong relationship with him. Devoting your Soul to him will make you his child, and he your Father. He also has a special place in his heart for orphans who have never had a Father. Satan loves orphan children more than anything. They are his favorite people. If you choose not to Devote your Soul to him, then you would choose to walk through this World without him. It is wise to know him. The Power of Hell is Very beneficial to our Life......


Items you will need for the Ritual:

  • 1 Black Candle.
  • 1 sterilized razor.
  • 1 piece of Parchment paper (torn to about 6 X 4 inches.
  • 1 Black ink pen.
  • 1 feather or dry pen.
  • 1 metal bowl, to burn the paper in.


Write with the ink pen the following prayer. Use front and back of paper if necessary:

Before the Divine Creator God of Humanity Satan Lucifer, and in the presence of every Demon from Hell, who are the original Pagan Gods, I (your name) disavow all past allegiance to the enemies of Hell. I renounce and blaspheme the deceiving god of the hebrews jehovah, I renounce and blaspheme his vile and worthless son jesus christ, I renounce and blaspheme the Lie of his unclean holy spirit, and I renounce and blaspheme the excremental image of allah. I proclaim Satan Lucifer as my Biological Father. I swear to honor him in all things, with reverence, requesting in return, his abundant reinforcement in the prosperous fulfillment of my personal endeavors.

It is important to bathe, or at least wash your hands and feet before any ritual. This is done out of reverence. Temporarily cover your smoke alarm so that it doesn't go off when you burn the prayer. When you are prepared, turn off the lights and light the candle. Take the razor and Prick your left index finger, making sure not to cut too deep. Use the feather or dry pen to sign your name in blood. Recite the prayer. Fold the paper in half, light it on fire in the candle, then place it in the metal bowl to completely burn. Close the ritual by saying "so mote it be" and "HAIL SATAN 4EVER."